Journal Entry One

Blink Run

Today marks my one month free from forced labor! Hurray! I have been spending my time in this Elven town regaining much of my strength, and I must say as a side note, the food here is the most amazing I’ve ever been privileged with. I’m not sure if that’s because all we were served in the camp was a greenish-brown paste that was reminiscent of flavored dirt, or because the rumors I hear about Elven cooking being fantastic are true— but I digress. A few hours ago Elmoril surprised me; I’m very aware that Elves and Humans don’t get along so well, and I have a full understanding of why. After leaving without warning with four huntsmen (as he is one to do,) he returned with two wounded and quite possibly barely alive Humans that seemed to be traveling with a Half-Elf. Luckily I was given the chance to have a chat with them when they had received a deal of healing. The three of them, Tempestas (the Half-Elf,) Father Francis (Human Clergy,) and Latius (a hulk of a man, but nice enough, surprising though considering his heritage,) were after a band of goblins and ran into a Yellow Musk Creeper, and a rather bad one at that. I of all people should know, Elmoril sent me with these new friends for a second round that went surprisingly well, except for the Musk Creeper Zombiods nearly killing me. Indeed it has been an interesting day if nothing else. I have learned a lesson or two, and that’s what really matters, right?



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