Blink Rundletondunderson

Yes, fascinating.


Gnomish Bard

Blink looks like…
3’1", 86lbs. with earthen green skin and very bright orange hair that looks as if it can’t agree on which way to blow, (of course his futile attempts to fix it only last a few seconds.) He also has three short orange stripes on the right side of his face.

Blink’s clothes always seem to be much too clean and professional for the situations he tends to get himself into. He’s partial to his dark orange overcoat and formalwear because of how well it tends to match. Though he wont let you, if you look on the back of his left shoulder you will see a branding from when he was in a slaver camp.

Blink’s personality…
Keeping with his theme, Blink acts professionally at all times, though this does not mean he doesn’t enjoy small talk and learning about people. Finding inspiration at odd times, he also keeps a notepad with him with every step he takes, drawing and sketching in it as he wanders.


Blink’s backstory…
Blink grew up in a small gnomish town that shared resources with the local dwarves. Most of the others he played with as a child were from the mountainous area, this was the first time he was exposed to the craft that would eventually be his obsession. He watched his friends get their customary tattoos in the forges of the mountain, and was enthralled. Soon after he read everything he could about it and needed to find someone willing to let him attempt his first. Mohagan, his closest friend, agreed to be the test subject against his father’s will. (The elder dwarves obviously didn’t like the idea one bit, tattooing being the ritual of the dwarves and dwarves alone) Even though the job was surprisingly good, Mohagan’s father inevitably found out and forcably separated the two against their will. The same night the two were found out the nearby encroaching humans attacked both towns with devastation and took those not fallen in the first wave as slaves. This included Blink and Mohagan. Years went by with the two as slaves, then one day Mohagan vanished without a trace. He didn’t tell Blink where he went, or that he was even leaving at all. Blink was unsure of what the humans were doing and this event gave him enough motivation to force an exit, just as he was about to set his intricate plan in motion the settlement camp was attacked by elves. Though most of the slaves traveled back to what used to be their home to start rebuilding, Blink decided to stay with the elves and start researching to find his lost friend. After a few weeks some outsiders, human outsiders, were taken into the city..

Blink Rundletondunderson

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