Veil of the Wraith


The Veil of the Wraith is an evil item, crafted from shadowstuff and imbued with dark power. It is a thin, ethereal veil made of dark silk and worn over the mouth. The object itself seems innocent enough, but the very act of wearing it inspires great fear.

Any creature within 30 feet of the person wearing the Veal of the Wraith becomes panicked for 2d6 rounds unless he or she succeeds on a DC 16 Will save. If cornered, a panicked creature begins cowering. If the Will save succeeds, the creature is shaken for 1 round.

A creature that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to this effect for 24 hours.

If the wearer of the Veil of the Wraith looks at himself in the mirror, he must also make the Will save or become panicked. Turning away from the mirror ends the effect, however. Even if the wearer succeeds on the Will save, he is not immune to further effects from the Veil of the Wraith.


Veil of the Wraith

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